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Basketball of the Carolinas


1, 2 and 3 day Basketball Tournaments are offered every weekend in both North and South Carolina from the first part of January through December.


Types of Basketball of the Carolinas Tournaments


Invitationalsopen to all teams from all states (Nearly all of our Invitationals guarantee 4+ scheduled games and offer a Pool /Bracket Play format)


Qualifiers- limited to North Carolina and South Carolina teams only

(All Qualifiers guarantee 4+ scheduled games and offer a Pool /Bracket Play format)

 Qualifiers are seeded based on a point system. Teams that participate in (Points Series Events) Invitationals earn points that will determine their seeding in Qualifiers.


All teams advance from Qualifiers to either the North Carolina or

South Carolina D-I and D-II State Championship Tournaments.


State Championships- Participating Teams must have entered/played in a State Qualifier in order to be eligible to play in a State Championship Tournament.


This tournament is limited to North Carolina or South Carolina teams only (State Championships guarantee 3+ scheduled games and offer a Bracket Play format. These tournaments are seeded based on a teams’ finish in the State Qualifier)


Higher finishing teams become eligible to advance to the D-I and D-II National Championship Tournaments held in late June and July of each year.


All Basketball of the Carolinas events requires that your Players, Coaches and Association be registered with the Basketball of the Carolinas organization.


Getting Started with Basketball of the Carolinas



How to register your team for Basketball of the Carolinas play:

Take advantage of our 2016 Basketball of the Carolinas offer!!!

Enter your team: Players (up to 15) and Coaches (up to 3) in a minimum of two Basketball of the Carolinas events. And register your team!!!


For more information contact us at 828-251-5107!!!


How to enter Basketball  of the Carolinas Tournaments


Click on the corresponding button of the type of tournament you want to enter. Scroll down and click on the name of the event. Choose the entry option

(Enter Online) and click the corresponding button.



After choosing the Enter Online option, fill out the online entry form, click the Add to Cart button and use a credit card of your choice to pay for your entry.


Teams that enter tournaments online must send the following items

to the Basketball of the Carolinas office:




You may Regular mail the birth documentation and report cards to:

Note: please email the team registration form to or mail to the following address:


Basketball of the Carolinas

PO Box 8666

Asheville, NC 28814




How to find info on Tournaments that you enter


Click on the name of the Tournament you entered:


For Schedules: Click the Schedule button below the tournament listing. Schedules will generally be available prior to 1 pm on the Thursday before the event starts.


For Site Directions, Hotel Info and other pertinent Tournament Info: Click the

Info Packet Button below the tournament listing. Links to these items are found there.